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STYLE by DF 2020 早春系列 : 盡顯優雅迷人的色彩,以簡約線條加上金屬綴飾,透過飾物綻放個人魅力。新一年快d好好獎勵自己!!!

STYLE by DF 2020 早春系列 : 盡顯優雅迷人的色彩 以簡約線條加上金屬綴飾 透過飾物綻放個人魅力 新一年快d好好獎勵自己🤩 即日起至24/1 網店下單🛒,均配備精美隨身鏡幫你keep住秒秒都咁靚.☺ (數量有限,送完即止)

Our Favourite Looks

Our selected collection of earrings and necklaces are is easy to fit into your every day lives. Wear them individually for a clean and...

The modern classic in this season.

We offering reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials, traditional methods and new style merge to form timeless, understated...

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